Omar Barghouti, Peter Beinart, and Meir Kahane Agree About Zionism

Omar Barghouti:

“A Jewish state in Palestine (‘a state of the Jewish nation’), no matter what shape it takes, is by definition exclusionary.”

Peter Beinart:

“I’m not even asking it to allow full, equal citizenship to Arab Israelis, since that would require Israel no longer being a Jewish state. I’m actually pretty willing to compromise my liberalism for Israel’s security and for its status as a Jewish state.”

Meir Kahane:

“There’s no question of setting up democracy in Israel because democracy means equal rights for all, irrespective of racial or religious origins. Therefore democracy and Zionism cannot go together.”

There you have it: an anti-Zionist, a liberal Zionist, and a hardcore Zionist all recognize (lament, admit, boast) that Zionism is, by definition, anti-democratic and discriminatory. Yet there persists this notion that you have to be at least a crank and quite possibly an anti-Semite to oppose Zionism. In fact, opposition to Zionism — rooted in the most basic liberal ideal of equality — should be about as controversial as support for gay marriage or unsegregated public spaces.

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