9 Prominent Liberals &/or Democrats Who Supported Torture Post-9/11

We still don’t know what Democratic leaders knew about Bush’s torture program and when they knew it. But some leading Dems and liberals explicitly supported torture during the Bush years. They and their defenders would likely counter that they would allow torture only in rare circumstances like a “ticking time bomb” fairy tale, but torture is torture is torture (Imagine: ‘rape is sometimes morally justified’ or ‘The US needs rape warrants’), and to accept “a little” torture is to invite a lot. By all means pile on Dick Cheney, but don’t forget that as usual, Dems and liberals were complicit in America’s state violence.

Click on name for sourcing.

Jonathan Alter

Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Richard Cohen

Alan Dershowitz

Sam Harris

Charles Schumer

Peter Singer

*9 is now 8 because like an idiot I fell for a John Gray parody of the Dersh.

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2 comments on “9 Prominent Liberals &/or Democrats Who Supported Torture Post-9/11
  1. Carey says:

    I’m pretty sure the John Gray piece was a mocking parody of Alan Dershowitz. At least I hope it was.

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